Outdoor Summer Play Leads to Dirty Floors: Learn How Professional Floor Cleaning Can Help

With summer in full swing, kids and adults are in and out of the house on a regular basis. Enjoying the summer sun is important, and if your backyard is like most, it’s filled with blow-up pools, bikes, and other fun outdoor toys.


Summer is a time when families have fun together outdoors for hours on end. You go in to have lunch or take a break, then head right back outside. While this is fun, it can lead to dirty flooring in your home. All that in and out traffic can bring in dirt, grass, and other grime that can stain hard surface flooring and carpeting. When your floors have had enough, rely on professional floor cleaning for your Lexington, NE home to ensure shiny and clean flooring.


Dirty Floors

It can take only a few trips in from the swimming pool to create a dirty floor in your home. Over time, as foot traffic increases between inside and outside, your flooring will start to accumulate dirt and grime. You don’t have the time or energy to attend to your floors daily, so an occasional professional cleaning is essential to keep your floors clean and in good condition.


Try to limit how the kids as well as adults go from inside to outside and back as this will help to reduce the amount of dirt on your flooring. To prevent slippery tile floors or mud on your carpet, consider spraying off tiny feet and drying them with a towel before they come inside.


Every type of flooring, from tile to carpet, will be affected by summer foot traffic inside your home. Avoid any major stains or buildup of dirt and grime by scheduling regular floor cleaning for your Lexington, NE home.


Rely on the Professionals

When it comes to your flooring, don’t wait to have it cleaned. Contact ServiceMaster of Mid Nebraska to schedule an appointment today. We can provide the essential cleaning services you need to ensure your flooring looks great and avoids staining.


With a cleaning appointment on a regular basis, your floors will maintain their color and texture. No more worrying about stains or considering a new floor installation. Your flooring will look and feel as good as new after we provide our cleaning services. Contact our team today to learn more at (308) 324-3072.

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