Lesser Know Effects of Water Damage and How Water Damage Restoration in Lexington, NE, Can Help

Flash floods can happen anytime in Lexington, NE, without notice and water damage restoration can be extensive and costly. How does water damage happen? It could be anything from leaking pipes to waterways flooding. Whatever the cause, water damage is a serious problem that needs your immediate attention.

Among the devastating effects of water damage to a home or business are mold buildup, blackwater buildup, and damaged wiring. All these problems are serious and should be taken care of quickly and expertly. The experienced professionals here at Service Master of Mid Nebraska are just the experts you should reach out to.


Understanding the Effects of Water on Your Home or Business

You should know that it only takes between 24 and 48 hours for mold to build up after a flood on your property. While mold is useful for the breakdown of dead organic material, it can be quite harmful to anyone breathing it into their lungs, potentially causing several health risk symptoms.

Any blackwater from a flood could make you sick should you ingest it or should the water come in contact with an open wound. Blackwater is contaminated, coming from places like sewer pipes where the water that has come in contact with human waste.


Reasons for Professional Water Damage Restoration

Another problem that may require expert evaluation and water damage restoration is the potential for damage to appliances, gas lines, wooden studs, and wiring. Even a few inches of water in a basement or crawl space can be enough to damage your home or business. As long as it is safe to do so, you should immediately shut off electricity and gas lines to avoid any shock and possible explosions. If the damage from any water source is extensive, then the costs of restoration should be weighed against the costs of relocation to determine which is the more feasible and practical option.


Contact Service Master of Mid Nebraska for Help Restoring Your Lexington, NE, Home or Business

Should you need expert help in evaluating whether to seek professional water damage restoration or to relocate to another location, Service Master of Mid Nebraska of Lexington, NE, is the company that can get the job done. Call us at (308) 324 -3072 before it is too late to restore your valuable property.


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