Learn How Water Can Affect Your Home and How Water Damage Restoration in Gothenburg, NE is Essential

Every homeowner knows that water can be damaging if it manages to soak into the dwelling. From busted plumbing pipes to flooding due to heavy rains, water can enter the home in a variety of ways. While homeowners know that water can cause damage, most don’t realize that when left untreated, water can cause major structural damage and actually destroy the home. Even the smallest of leaks can seep into major components of the home and cause huge problems. With our water damage restoration service in Gothenburg, NE, we can easily help you solve any issue. Let our experts ensure your home stays intact and structurally sound.


Structural Damage

When water enters the home, it begins to seep into everything it contacts. From the walls and flooring to the ceiling, water can easily seep into these materials and cause major damage. Imagine that a tree limb fell on your roof. You clean up the mess but fail to notice your roofing is damaged. You end up with a leak in the roof that is small, but over time, as water enters the home, the integrity of a portion of your attic space is weakened.


The wood components have weakened, and over time, this can cause major structural damage. Without quality water damage restoration in your Gothenburg, NE home, you’re left with a problem that can only get bigger. With our help, structural issues are cared for so you don’t have to worry about additional damage in the future.


Mold and Mildew

On top of structural issues, water damage can cause mold and mildew growth in the home. When water is found in a space, standing water must be quickly removed and the entire area needs to be cleaned up. Any moisture must also be removed to ensure there’s none left to support mold and mildew growth in the future.


If you’ve found water in your home, quick action needs to be taken. Rely on our water damage restoration experts for your Gothenburg, NE home. Give us a call today at (308) 324-3072 to learn more about our water damage restoration service option.

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