Are My Carpets Ruined? Learn How Water Damage Restoration in Cozad, NE Can Revive Your Flooring

One of the most common flooring types found in homes today is carpeting. Typically placed in family rooms and bedrooms, carpeting is a comfortable flooring type that looks great and is durable. While carpeting is a great flooring choice, it’s one that can be damaged if water gains entry into the home. When flooding occurs, or plumbing pipes burst in areas with carpeting, the material soaks up the water, which can lead to damage as well as mold and mildew growth. With our water damage restoration in Cozad, NE, your carpets can be revived without the need for new flooring.

How Carpeting Is Affected by Water

As water enters the home, the carpeting will begin to soak it up. When an overabundance of water is present, the carpet will soak up the water down through the carpet padding and into the subfloor. Water needs to be removed as quickly as possible, so it doesn’t seep down into the subfloor. When the subfloor becomes weak, the integrity of your home is at risk.

By removing the water quickly, underneath your carpeting is not affected, and the flooring can be saved. When the water is not removed, the carpeting may have to be taken up along with the padding and a new subfloor will need to be put in. With our water damage restoration services in Cozad, NE, we can ensure your flooring will be properly cared for and saved if possible.

Cleanup Process

The first step we take with our water damage restoration services is to remove any standing water. We must remove the water from your Cozad, NE home to begin the drying process. The entire space needs to be free of water and moisture. Once the standing water is removed, we work to remove any soaked in water from the carpeting and then begin the drying process. Once the space is completely dry, you will not have to worry about mold or mildew in the future.

If your home is affected by water, contact our office immediately at (308) 324-3072.

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